Power of the sea – Main

___Sea is immense and enigmatic, open and mysterious; it has always attracted human being!
For hundreds of years people have found peace and gained strength on its coasts.
By uncovering the secrets of sea depths we open an inexhaustible power source, which comes to our everyday life. It can hardly be only a reminder of the elements.
The picturesque coasts of the Black Sea and Dnipro-Bug estuary open their unique opportunities for adequate relaxation and good recreation.

___Since 1995 “Alina-A” Company carries out a recreation and health improvement program. The ecologically clean products are manufactured under TM “Power of the sea”, green tourism is actively developing, virgin lands of the Black Sea coast has been cultivated, the Company builds water recreation centers, water entertainment centers,  restaurants on water and water houses.

___The Private Production and Commercial Firm “Alina-A” invites physical and legal entities to participate in housing construction on water and on the seacoast, as well to participate in our Company program on mutually beneficial terms.

General Director
Anatolii Moisin