The pink salt originates in the Southern coastal line of the Black Sea biosphere reserve, under the hot sun it absorbed the power of the eternal world ocean.

The crystals tinged with carotene, that is produced by a micro weed Dunaliela Salina, a color of a pink flamingo they contain many mineral substances an elements.

β-carotene (provitamine А)  is a powerful antioxidant, protects body from free radicals, strengthen immune system, decrease infections, increase resistance to stresses and harmful environmental factors. It is good for teeth, bones, skin, hair and nails.

The products of the TM “Power of the sea” is exclusively our idea, and it allows anyone to improve health and independently create a health giving microclimate at any time and season and breathe mountain sea air of the best world resorts.

A natural microclimate is created due to increase of crystal sea salt surface area, the salt is located on the shelves made of local wood. Air covers the salt like sea spindrift and washes useful energy away and creates healing climate in the salt room.

The pink salt air is flying like a sea wave and washing the useful energy out with no bacteria.

The crystals of the pink salt neutralize positive ions of the domestic appliances, improve air in the premises, enrich it with negative ions, and give health.

The fountains and waterfall of our TM will saturate air with the smallest drops of sea water concentrate; the salt lamps will enrich the premises with airions and light.

The products of the TM “Power of the sea” is as follows:

-          sea water concentrate “Power of the sea”
-          design and construction of salt rooms;
-          manufacture of  salt rooms modules;
-          manufacture of salt shelves, hills and partitions
-          drawing of emblems and logos on the walls with salt
-          design and construction of fountains and waterfalls
-          Salt lamps manufacture

Our projects and designs will bring the healing energy of the world ocean to you. You can create your own salt interior with our built-up structures on you own discretion and design abilities.