Salt and longevity!

Sunset___“Thick woods cover this land” (Old Greek – Gileya) was considered a sacred one, an ancient Greet historian and scientist-traveler  Herodotus said about this land many times V c. before Christ. The legends call this land a Temple of Gods. It was famous for its pink salt. The Chumaks loaded their carts with sea salt, fed their bullocks and took a rest. They enjoyed living in the raw, their war wounds healed quickly, they restored their power. They cooked nutritious soup, fish, river crabs and sea shrimps over the fire. The Kozaks and Chumaks talked before the fire and showed mutual respect to one another and sang sad songs.

Lunch___A narrow plot of land washed by the waters of the Black Sea and the Dnipro-Bug estuary was naturally granted a healing microclimate, that is why the Black Sea resort was established in 1927. In 1984 it was renamed into biosphere resort. It has unique health-giving microclimate, 300 species of birds nest there, 50 species of wild animals, more than 600 of insects, 40 species of fishes, 9 species of reptiles, many shrimps and big turtles live there. Many therapeutic herbs grow on this rather small territory, more then 40 species of ancient bushes, oaks grow there as well. There are a lot of freshwater and salt lakes with healing mud. More then 500 species of herbs grow there and a wild orchid, a queen of all plants. The Red book of Ukraine and Europe contains 14 species of mammalians, 57 species of birds, 37 species of insects and 41 species of plants.

Deer___Health-giving nature attracts people. The ancient Greeks noticed that those people who are engaged in salt production are rare ill and get better faster and those who attended salt mines have a good health and strong body. A polish therapist Felix Bochkovski saw that the salt mine workers do not have respiratory diseases an in 1839 he treated the patients for 36 diseases. His follower Mechislav Skulimovski continued his treatment method in 1958. He established a health resort in 1964 for the respiratory diseases patients and it is still operated. The human body absorbs healthy microelements from bacteria free air and reduces paroxysm of coughing, improves health state.

Megacities___The specialists of the “Alina-A” Company studied thoroughly the phenomenon of natural energy sources and invented a new health improving method, which gives healing energy to residents of big cities and towns. The highly professional researchers of the Company invented the method of the Black Sea biosphere resort energy extraction from pink salt. The salt is extracted in the ancient salt mine in Geroyskoye. The village was named in favor of the heroes of the 2 World War.  126 persons were awarded with medals of the USSR, four of them were granted the title of A Hero of the USSR and 2 Labour Heroes.

Sanatorium Ukraine___The skilled specialists of the “Alina-A” Company developed and implemented the method of spraying of negatively charged airions needed for the treatment and preventive treatment of various diseases.  The healing power method from the “Alina-A” Company is a type of production (ionization) under influence of natural factors. The process of saturation of a body with healing energy is climatotherapy and applied in the mountains, marine health resorts, wherein sterile and antiseptic air restores human energy. The therapeutic effect is widely used in sanatoriums. The clinical observations proved a high efficiency of the method applied, i.e. during treatment, health improvement, children and adults cure, as well a positive influence of a healing microclimate on living substances.

Bird soaring in the sky___A person spends 90 % of his time in offices, apartments, premises, cars and planes. A person spends much time in a closed space and vehicles, watches nature through TV and computer monitors, the aforesaid deprives us of a possibility to saturate our body with needed negatively charged ions. The newest highly technological appliances are a part of our everyday life, they prevent us from taking care of our health. The domestic electric and electronic appliances generate positively charged ions, which are creating increased danger for the nature, human environment. While offering some treatment the physicians often prescribe for the patients to breathe healing sea, mountain and woods air. The healing air breathing is prescribed without restriction, since it has been well known that airiontherapy cannot be excessive, the blood takes just necessary oxygen volume, what hemoglobin molecules are able to process. All the rest is breathed out.

Southern CoastIn order to understand how much negatively charged ions air we need, let’s see what the physics say. The breathing air is a mixture of gases. Gas ions are called air ions and they are bearers of atmospheric electricity, having either positive or negative ions. The negative air ions are represented by oxygen; the positive ones are carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The negative ions increase motor activity, mental and physical work, increase disease resistibility.The positive ions lead to nervous exhaustion, the disease of the 21st century, they lead to migraine, heart pain, short breath, slow reaction and allergy. These ions are produced by computers, TV sets, refrigerators, microwave ovens etc. Seaside resort The urban air contains no more then 500 negative ions and the number of positively charged ions increases to thousands per 1 cc. A minimum admissible concentration level of negatively charged ions in a room is at least 600 ions/1 cc. An optimal ion concentration is 3000-5000/1cc, that is for the negatively charged ions; and 1500-3000/1cc, that is for the positively charged ions (СН№2152-80). The research results confirm that the number of negative ions decreased to 250 in a ventilate room, and their number was 50 in a badly ventilated room. Their number was 0 before computer and TV monitors. The conditioned air is deprived of harmful and healthy substances. That is why an active and long country relaxation is needed; the children have to spend their time in the countryside at least 4 hours a day. One cubic centimeter of clear air in a sunny day contains appr. 1000 of negatively charged airions of oxygen. This number is 10000 in the mountain area and 50000 near the sea. The positive airions are almost absent in such air. Off the coast A natural way of enrichment of air with airions approximates it to mountain, sea air and the air of salt caves. The air enriched with health giving components improves health and leads to prevention of respiratory, cardiovascular, cutaneous and many other diseases. This method developed is dedicated to our Company’s majority and the specialists proved that the most valuable thing is not the most expensive. TM “Power of the sea” opens us the world enriched with power of the seas and oceans. The pink salt originates in the Black Sea biosphere reserve, it is like a drop of life energy that gives strength to a weary wanderer of  the vanity of the world. Due to the brand new method the sea salt will fill your houses with nature energy and leave this perishable and vain city outside the window.

Power of the seaInsufficient content of light airions in the breathing air leads to the following:

  1. Premature aging due to accelerated development of dystrophic process in tissues and organs.
  2. Decrease of body resistance to infections and parasites.
  3. High allergy susceptibility.
  4. High risk of respiratory diseases (including spasmodic asthma), diseases of cardiovascular system, locomotive system cancer.
  5. Decrease of mental and physical activity,  undue fatiguability, myalgic encephalomyelitis
  6. Irritability, depressions and other psychological deviations.