Salt is more expensive then gold!

Salt is more expensive then goldWhat is gold ? Just a precious metal. No one gold ingot has ever brought health to a sick man and happiness to a healthy man. Salt used to be the best remedy for body and soul, especially sea salt. The salt produced in the Geroyskoye salt mines has the best quality.  What is it so? Why is it so matchless? May be it is reflected in an enigmatic shape of the Black Sea coast. From bird’s eye view this bay resembles . … a murphy! The salt lakes are attached to the Black Sea bay like babies. The seal salt is unique!  It contains many healthful microelements like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, bromine, iodine, chlorine, manganese, zinc, selenium, copper, silicon. It is widely known that potassium and sodium regulate nutrition and clean the cells, calcium participates in blood coagulability, wound healing and prevention from infections, magnesium participates in metabolism and muscle relaxation. Magnesium is antistress mineral and has antiallergic function, its insufficiency leads to fast aging. Bromine calms nervous system, iodine is needed for the thyroid, chlorine participates in gastric juice formation. Manganese participates in bone tissues formation and strengthen immune system, zinc participates in immune functions and sexual glands functions , iron prevents from tumor growth and iron transports oxygen to body tissues.

Selenium prevents from cancer development, copper prevents from anemia development, silicon makes vessels more flexible and strengthen tissues.
That is all salt!
There are several ways how to use this priceless gift of Nature. One of the most efficient is to stay in a salt cave. But … Firstly, there are not so many salt caves, secondly, not so many people can afford it.
Why not?- says Anatoliy Moysin, General Director of the PPCF “Alina-A”, a company famous for its sea salt mixture under TM “Power of the sea” in Ukraine and overseas. Anyone can furnish a salt cave at home, in a summer house and even … in the apartment!
My puzzled look initiated his reply, he put a sheet of paper before me and took a pencil:
-This is my way of furnishing of the salt cave, it is easy and affordable …
-That’s it!
My interviewee draws lines and explains his way of furnishing of the salt cave. He agreed to my remark as to high cost of furnishing:Salt shelves
- Yes, it is really expensive, the tile is expensive. One cm costs 1600 to 1800 UAH, in total-some thousands and more… The high cost of furnishing  is not affordable for many people. But our specialists developed and implemented a brand new method, due to it the salt room is affordable for everyone.  My method of furnishing the salt room is affordability and easiness. It takes just one day to create a healing coast of the Black Sea and “Alina-A” company is always ready to furnish the salt room for you. By the way, there are only two salt caves in new York, and hundreds and thousand of people are eager to improve their health there.

Vasiliy Guy.