Salt Rooms

“Each crystal is like a drop of the Sun
It absorbed the sea waters salubrity…”


Salt CaveThe Private Production and Commercial Firm “Alina-A” was established in 1995. The company renders high quality products under TM “Power of the sea”, thereby ranking high in the Ukrainian market and providing high quality service for the foreign states and domestic market.

The Company has immense experience in the above business; it develops world health improving programs and implements the best innovation technologies of salt rooms design and construction.

The specialists of the “Alina-A” Company invented a brand new method of health-giving microclimate. A salt room is now available for any person who wants to breathe healing sea air in a big city.

This new and unique method, unlike most others, can be applied both for the salt room construction and healing effect creation in offices, apartments and houses…Peach

A natural microclimate is created due to increase of crystal sea salt surface area, the salt is located on the shelves made of local wood.  Air covers the salt like sea spindrift and washes useful energy away and creates healing climate in the salt room.

Such woods are chosen upon healing microclimate creation as apricot wood, cherry wood, pear wood, peach wood and  other fruit tree woods, and lime tree will saturate the room with honey smell.

ApricotsA pine tree wood has a powerful volatile production, it disinfects the room and produces wonderful aroma.

The salt born in the Black Sea reserve saturates the room with negative ions and creates health – giving climate of the best world mountain and marine resorts.

The professional designers of the “Alina-A” company will create brand new and unique interior as you wish.Needles

Our designer constructors will work out fountains and water falls which fill the premises with sea micro drops like saline aerosols. You will enjoy breathing healing sea air with volatile production of sea weeds and salts, a genuine effect of the original Black Sea breeze.

The unique “sea at home” method by the “Alina-A” Company will serve you for years.  The salt is extracted from the clean water and you will feel as if you are in energy center of the Black Sea reserve.Dream

The staff of the company does their best to make a salt room look like a healing space that saturates endless power and you can feel as if you taste the best wine.