Fountains and waterfalls

Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born from the white spoondrift. Aphrodite embodied eternal youth and beauty, she was a Goddes of love (in accordance with an author of a poem “Essence of things” Tis Lucreciy Kar), she was also a Goddess of fertility, eternal spring and life.

Due to mineral balance of coastal waters and world ocean waters, the sea air has a good impact upon respiratory system and other human systems. The minerals and chemical substances are breathed in and increase blood circulation and spread useful  salts and Salt caves healing components all over the human body.

The fountains and waterfalls of the TM “Power of the sea” will encourage you with sounds of sea water and negatively charged ions, they will fill space with sea weeds volatile production, humify dry air, that is harmful  asthma patients.